Smead Viewables: File with Flair-test

Smead Viewables: File with Flair-test

Smead Viewables can help you resist the urge to hide your office from your clients! Know the feeling I’m talking about? If your document filing system is not perfect, you panic if someone sees it: maybe they’ll think you’re unprofessional… To be honest, it’s a possibility. To many business people, an entrepreneur is only as good as his filing system.

Smead Viewables May Turn You Into a Showoff! Whether you think filing is important or not, can you afford to take the risk that a less-than-perfect filing cabinet is not going to put precious clients off? Of course not! Let us introduce you to Smead Viewables: They are perfect for speeding up location of your documents. Not only that, they look good enough to put on display.

We wouldn’t blame you if you decided to place your filing cabinets with your Smead Viewables in their color-coded glory on display right next to the front desk (with all your drawers open of course). If you are slightly obsessive-compulsive, you could even pick from all Smead’s colors so that your files are perfectly color coordinated with your furnishings.

Don’t forget to take a look at the entire Smead office products line. You’ll find some highly valuable organizational tools to help you run the tightest ship imaginable, and all with the minimum of effort. But you really need to check out Viewables, if nothing else: that’s Smead Viewables!

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Smead File Folders Viewables
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