Smead Office Supplies: Problem Solved!

Smead Office Supplies: Problem Solved!

Smead office supplies are superior to other makes. Users usually discover this by chance after trying range after range of inferior products. There’s no reason for you to go through this time-consuming process of discovery though. If you recognize the contribution that a smoothly running office can make to your business success, then you’ll be happy to hear that Smead has made the whole setup so easy for you.

File folders are the basis of the entire Smead office supplies range. They come in several different sizes, so whether you only have letter-size documents to file, or full-size legal documents, you’ll be able to file neatly with no folding or crunching. Smead is aware of all the difficulties faced by office workers. Take files that have rotted away from mold for example. Mold can wreak havoc in any filing system. For this reason some Smead file folders come with an anti-microbial finish so you need never fear damp conditions again.

If you are worried that ordinary manila folders won’t stand up to the punishment you’ll be meting out, then invest in the tougher pressboard file folders. They make up a significant part of the Smead office supplies range and come in several different designs to meet any requirements.

In addition to files, a wide selection of Smead office products are also available such as binder, report and brief covers, inserts and steel frames for specific filing systems. There is also an impressive selection of expanding wallets and specialty files, as well as rolling files and a complete labeling system. Smead even supplies intuitive software to make your file labeling a snap. With Smead office supplies, there’s simply no excuse for a less-than-perfect office, with everything neatly in its place.

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