Smead's Neon Colored Folders

Smead's Neon Colored Folders

Smead Neon Color File FoldersSmead file folder: when we hear those words we usually think of the typical manila folder. Indeed, Smead is famous for its range of high quality manila file folders to suit all needs. But the range has expanded over the years, to include some highly innovative products that we think you should know about.

How about a Smead file folder in neon colors? This is a must for kids (for school work, projects and hobbies) and households (domestic bills, warranties and handbooks—dare we suggest, love letters?). But offices can also make great use of them for all of the normal uses and more.

A neon-colored Smead folder system in your office could take the meaning of color coding to new levels entirely. Since they come in four basic colors: red, green, orange and pink, you’ll have four basic categories to work with. Then you can add subcategories with Smead’s Smartstrip color-coded labeling system. If you have to work in an office with other people who have separate filing systems, picking Smead’s neon file folders will definitely set you apart from the pack.

Whether you choose to go with a neon or plain manila Smead folder system, you’ll get the same trusted quality that Smead is known for. Tabs won’t bend over or fall off, and gussets will expand rather than tearing and spilling contents. Your files will generally last superbly while looking good for years to come.

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