Smead Labels: You’re Spoiled for Choice

Smead Labels: You’re Spoiled for Choice

Smead labels are what you’ll go for if you’re unlucky enough to have discovered the Smead range of office products after you bought your office file folders. Or maybe you do have Smead file folders, but you need to add additional information to the outside of the file. Smead file folder labels come in rolls for your convenience, and you can use them with any kind of file folder: not necessarily Smead files.

The right kind of file labels is essential if you’re to get the maximum advantage from your filing system. You need quality paper and quality adhesive so that your labels remain where you stick them: a file that’s lost its label is a disaster waiting to happen. No business can afford to risk this kind of mishap.

In fact, Smead labels are available in a variety of different versions. Maybe you want numerical classification folders? Perhaps you really need to include the month and year? Then again, maybe you’d prefer to stick to color labels? Or even those straightforward name labels? With Smead’s unique software, you can also individualize your labels and add information as you please. For fast, efficient indexing with the help of your computer, ask about Smead Smartstrip labels.

Whatever your preference, Smead labels are the best in their class. There are thirteen thoughtfully chosen colors for you to choose from. Try making your filing cabinets as colorful or as coordinated as you like Smead colored folders and labels! !

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